Date : February 17, 2019

Sundays (11 a.m – 1:30 p.m) and Fridays (1:00 p.m – 2 p.m.)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficient


Please print out an application here or pick up a paper copy from ISNS

Zakat is one of the Pillar of Islam. It is sometimes translated as alms or poor-due, but actually means purification, growth, and blessing.

Zakat purifies the heart from the detested trait of stinginess, and also purifies the wealth by giving out a portion of that wealth. It also causes the wealth to grow through Allah’s blessings. While regular charity is strongly recommended and abundantly rewarded by Allah (S.W.T.), Zakat is a debt we owe Allah (S.W.T.), and must be paid as a part of our belief in Him.


Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim, male or female, who has an amount of money, called “Nisab”, in excess of his/her basic needs that has stayed in his/her possession for one whole lunar year.



Donate your Zakat online and ISNS shall distribute it to the needy Muslims in our local community

  • Mail your check to the following address ‘3950 Industrial Avenue Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, USA’ plus write the name or memo.
  • Drop it off in Zakah portion of the drop box in the Masjid.



Please follow the process below:

Step 1: Application submission

  • Applicants can print out an application here or pick up a paper copy from ISNS.
  • Completed application, with all the required and supporting documents, can be submitted

.  In person on Sundays (11 a.m .– 1:30  p.m.) and Fridays (1:00 p.m. – 2 p.m.)

.  Dropped in the Zakat application drop box outside the office during any Salah time

.  Mail @ the following address : Zakah Committee, ISNS, 3950  Industrial Ave, Rolling Meadows ,IL 60008

.  Send an email to

Step 2: Verify details

  • Once the application is submitted, Zakah team member will reach out to the applicant over the phone or in person for an interview.

Step 3: Determination and Payment

  • Zakah team shall review the application with all the supporting documents to make a determination for approval or rejection, or how much amount should be given if approved.
  • Applicants may pick up the check in person from the office or in some cases the checks are mailed out to the applicant.

Important Note:

  • The standard turnaround time for processing the application is 7 days.