Mosque Services

Mosque Services

Date : May 30, 2017


Islamic Society of Northwest-Suburbs (ISNS) is committed to fulfilling the spiritual and religious needs of its Muslim community and building bridges of understanding among different faiths and communities.

ISNS believes “Be Involved – Develop Community”, stronger communities can be built only by building stronger families and hence ISNS has programs designed to build, nurture and strengthen the families and the community.

ISNS welcomes visitors and encourages people of other faiths to visit our faith institution.

Below listed are the different services ISNS offers:

Five daily prayers
Janazah (funeral) prayers.
Two jummah khutbahs.
Taraweeh during Ramadan.
Eid Al-Fitr & Eid Al-Adha prayers.
Qiyam Al-Layl during the last ten nights of Ramadan.
Spring Break Umrah Trip led by Shaykh Chahin Nazir, ISNS scholar.
Reference library at masjid.
Weekly lectures by scholar Shaykh Chahin Nazir (In English)
Weekly lectures by scholar Moulana Tahir (In Urdu)