Nikah Services

Nikah Services

Date : February 16, 2019

04:30 P.M - 07:30 P.M



The following is the process for a bride or groom to have ISNS Imam officiating the Nikah (Marriage) ceremony for them:

Please print out a form ISNSMarriageForm and fill it out with complete information

Please submit the above form, along with the following documents, in-person to our Imam, Hafidh Yakoob Shareef, or email at

Following  documents are required by our Imam to facilitate Nikah (Marriage) ceremony:

  • Marriage License from the court
  • Completely filled marriage form
  • $300 fee in the form of check payable to ISNS

If you need more information or clarification of the process please call our imam @ 847-253-6400 (option # 3 for Imam).

Note:  Marriage Certificate shall be provided by our Imam after successful Nikah ceremony in sha Allah.