Please Support ISNS Masjid by Donating Online  (or)

** QUICKPAY with Zelle option (supported by several dozen banks) is enabled for ISNS charitable contributions for any type. Quickpay is very convenient and you can do in minutes from your phone or online (if your bank supports it). Only your name is sent from the Quickpay system and NOT your bank account number. See example transaction below (So, it is important you include your email for us to send receipt to you): Brief instructions are below;

  1. Email address for ISNS Donations through QuickPay:
  2. In the Memo option: please indicate what your contribution is for: For example, it may be (a) Masjid Donation, (b) Sadaqa (c) Zakat, (d) New Masjid Project (d)  Ramadan Fund Raising,  (e) ISNS Scholarship etc.
  3. Also, include your email address in the Memo so we can send a charitable contribution receipt.

JazakAllah Khair!!