Political Action Event

10/09/2016 17:25
  • ISNS Adult Education Presentation seriesPolitical empowerment event at ISNSThe national elections are just weeks & days around the corner.Candidates in the senate are also seeking positions in the elections.We can easily get confused with the debates, campaigns, rallies, andever changing reports and polls. With Muslim community getting hitleft and right, it is very important that we rise to the occasion and not miss to vote in this crucial election cycle for our future political empowerment. Come and listen to educational talks by Muslim activists, organizersand community leaders who have a good pulse of the situation andare in an excellent position to share and educate their findings. Weneed advise, to make good voting choices.Speakers: Br, Abrar Quader , Br. Khaja Moinuddin , Br. Humzafer ZaferDate: Oct 9, 2016 Venue: ISNS Banquet HallTime: 10:30 am to 11:30 am ( New timing to allow parents to attend the presentation) Please be sure to complete the evaluation after the presentation. This will help in planningfuture events.Future presentations: 10/16: “Protecting Community Members from the Lure of Online Violent Hate Ideologies” – Junaid Afeef, Director - Targeted Violence Prevention Program -Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority 11/13: “No Family Left Behind” - Juhi Tahir in collaboration with MUHSEN organization
  • ISNS Adult Education Presentation series 11/20: “What your children don’t know about you” Jan Kraft: