ISNS By Laws Changes

Dear ISNS Community Brothers & Sisters,


ISNS has initiated an effort to make changes to existing by-laws ( rules for governance ).We are trying to better our governance model to improve our operating efficiency and provide the community better programs and services in a meaningful and streamlined way. We realized that there is ample scope to modify ISNS By-laws, ISNS board agreed unanimously to create a draft of changes and present it to General Body ( ISNS Registered Paid Members ) for review and approval.We want to hear from not only By Laws Commmittee, ISNS Paid Members but also community members in general.We need your support, without your support this is not possible.

Existing By-Laws  - Click here:

Please take a print out of above document or open it in another browser. Read each section, whereever you think changes are needed fill out your recommendations in text boxes below.If you think new articles (sections) are needed, please use the last text box in the form.We greatly appreciate your time to do this. All your recommendation will be discussed and given due importance for deliberations.

Jazakallah Khair

Abdul Javid, Junaid Afeef

ISNS By-Laws Committee Co-Chairs

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