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Three decades ago, the Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs (ISNS) began what was known as the Sunday School. Alhumdulillah with the help of the instructors, administration, and most importantly the students, we have grown under the past and present leadership of ISNS into Al Ihsan Academy. Alumni of this educational institution have gone on to prestigious and lucrative careers in both the public and private sectors. Al Ihsan Academy’s alumni have attended notable private and public universities which have developed our alumni into successful young professionals. The success of our alumni cannot be overstated, it is something that we are proud of, and the primary reason why we are aiming to do something even greater. What we aim to do now is to establish the Alumni Association of Al Ihsan Academy (AAAA) to foster a spirit of loyalty and promote an opportunity to give back. Our goal is that current and future students can be just as successful as you were. Alumni Associations exists to support the organization’s goals, and to strengthen ties between Alumni, the community, and the organization.

Alumni Associations are the backbone for any educational institution, it is a powerful concept in Islamic institutions, Masajid, and community centers. Alumnus engage in networking and guiding current students by providing advice both personally or collectively through lectures in their own field of specialty. Your success since you first stepped into Sunday School many years ago comes from those who invested in you, your parents, your teachers, and your ISNS community. The Alumni Association of Al Ihsan Academy is an opportunity for you to be part of something great. It is an opportunity for you to invest in our community’s future. An investment that your parents made for you, so that you can pass the torch. This is your time.

Alumni held a meeting and elected the following seven (7) Board members.  On a later date, AAAA Board also appointed three Committee Members to various committees.


Board Members:

  1. Shoeb Sadiq, President
  2. Maha Sheikh, Vice President
  3. Ayesha Khan, Secretary
  4. Safa Sadiq, Treasurer
  5. Yasmeen A. Khan, Director of Communications
  6. Sajjad Majeed, Director of Membership
  7. Amirah Nasir, Director of Events Planning


Board Committee Members:

  1. Mariyium Abba, Events Planning
  2. Naila Quraishi, Communications
  3. Dr. Sabeeha Haque Ali, Membership

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