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ISNS is a complete mosque and all five time daily prayer are held regularly. ISNS also has a Sunday school for the islamic education and training for Kindergarten to adult level. Membership is open and all people from community are invited to join in helping us spread the knowledge and awareness of Islam.

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** QUICKPAY with Zelle option (supported by several dozen banks) is enabled for ISNS charitable contributions for any type. Quickpay is very convenient and you can do in minutes from your phone or online (if your bank supports it). Only your name is sent from the Quickpay system and NOT your bank account number. See example transaction below (So, it is important you include your email for us to send receipt to you): Brief instructions are below;

  1. Email address for ISNS Donations through QuickPay: donate@isns.org
  2. In the Memo option: please indicate what your contribution is for: For example, it may be (a) Masjid Donation, (b) Sadaqa (c) Zakat, (d) New Masjid Project (d) 2018 Ramadhan Fund Raising, (e) 2018 Ramadan Daily Iftaar (f) ISNS Scholarship etc
  3. Also, include your email address in the Memo so we can send a charitable contribution receipt.

Featured Articles

I. Medical Science

Dr. Meyerhof writes in "The Legacy of Islam" (P.132): "Muslim doctors laughed at the Crusaders' medical attendants for their clumsy and elementary efforts. The Europeans had not the advantage of the books of Avicenna, Jaber, Hassan bin Haytham, Rhazes. However, they finally had them translated into Latin. These translations exist still, without the translators' names. In the 16th century the books of Averroes (Inb Rushd) and avicenna (Ibn Sina) were put out in Latin...